Convenient pricing that fits your needs.


Membership Plan

Plus a one-time $60 signup fee

Includes all appointments

Convenient communication between visits with Dr. Zwiener by email, text, or patient portal

Coordination of care with your other health care professionals


Great benefits.

Online follow-up visits available

Members have direct access to the doctor between visits via the patient portal, email, and text

No co-pays or deductibles

Low lab fees - up to 90% off standard rates

Complete confidentiality

Additional information.


Medical bills can be expensive and unpredictable. Braeswood Endocrinology’s innovative membership model makes it easy to achieve financial control over your healthcare. For a consistent low monthly price, you can be assured that you will have access to your doctor when you need her – whether you need to come in for a visit, or whether you have a quick question that can be answered over email. There is no need to put off needed care or follow-up visits because you’re worried about how high the bill will be. Here at Braeswood Endo, our pricing is transparent and affordable.


Imagine your ideal healthcare.
Just you and your physician. No one else.